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We know you worry about your money and where you put it into and often ask yourself ” How do i get my money back if this does not work ? “. Stop worrying because we’ve got you covered. Because we are farmers ourselves and all our products are lab tested, we trust our products and know you will love them and because we are smokers and users of cannabis and cannabis products in various ways, we trust our services and the bond between us and our customers. However, If you don’t like the product, if it just doesn’t work for you, return it and we will refund you the full amount except the $30 shipping fee as this payment goes directly to the courier company.

How Does This Work ?

To request for a refund, simply fill in and submit the form to the right. Regardless of your method of payment, refund will be made directly to your bank account by our bank which is Wells Fargo.

When you request for refund, it will take within 24-48 hours for your refund to be processed after which you will receive an email and text message directly from our bank (Wells Fargo) with an exact date on which your refund will appear in your account

Please confirm to us via email at when you receive your confirmation email and text from our bank so that we know your refund has been confirmed

Note that irrespective of your payment method, refund comes directly to your bank account, PayPal or Cash App account within the time given by our bank and if you made any prior attempts to cancel or dispute a payment after package had been mailed out then we will NOT refund

Alternatively, If your order is below $800 we can decide to refund through our refund checks. With refund checks we will first need to confirm your address before mailing the check to you following the steps below.

Firstly, we will mail out a refund confirmation PostCard which will arrive within 5-7 workings days and when you get the PostCard you then provide to us the unique confirmation code on it and/or send us a picture of the card showing your code after which we will then mail out your refund check. Note that the actual refund check only takes 2 days to arrive and can be cashed in instantly.

Note that, we reserve the right to choose which refund procedure to use depending on the amount of your order, how soon you wish to get your money back and other variables like what will work best for you. Above all, note that we will always do our best to make sure you get your money back as soon as possible

Refund request
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