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Featured Guide: Where to buy a bong

You can purchase bongs from a few different places. Either online or perhaps within your own town center. Back in the day you could even order one through a magazine via a phone call or letter! But unless you are as old as me you will be unaware of this ancient method!

Picture time! Take a look at these sweet af bongs and then I will explain what makes each one so awesome.

1. You see how the downstem comes out in a ‘flue’ shape? It is a permanent attachment that only allows the bowl to be removed. This saves you from dripping water everywhere whilst clearing ash. It also gives you one less thing to risk breaking whilst cleaning! Every bong should be designed like this IMO.

2. I want you to look closely at the mouth piece located at the top, it isn’t your normal straight tube. This one is bent at an angle. Thanks to this design you do not have to ‘mount’ your bong when taking hits, you can now lean forwards and take big hits with ease!

3. Here we focus on the stand. This is obviously a big, thick stand which keeps the piece sturdy. Very important when you want to buy a glass bong.

4. The last point to check when you buy a water pipe, perhaps from https://www.smokersplaza.com,is the glass thickness. Believe it or not, 2mm is a huge difference in weight and feel. Try to go no lower than 4mm here.

So each bong had different designs that made them better, do not fret about trying to find one exactly the same, but just in vision my points on how to buy a bong and you will end up with something gnarly.