Whiz Edibles Peach Gummies


Whiz Edibles Peach Gummies summer fruits of the world. Peaches are rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other chemical compounds. Whiz Edibles Peach Gummies is a adapted temperate fruit to warmer climate. It is generally consumed fresh but delicious squash. Freestone peaches are sold fresh, and clingstone are virtually all canned.

  • These gummies are made with two of the best flavors in one delicious treated and sugar.
  • One side features is a sweet marshmallow taste and while the other is a juicy peach flavor.





Try Whiz Edibles Peach Gummies 300mg THC gourmet candy and get ready for the ultimate indulgence. These gummies are sweet, refreshing taste and effects that last for hours. This potent edible contains a total of 300mg THC, with 50mg THC per serving (10mg per piece) After eating, we recommend waiting about 30-40 minutes to feel the full effects.

These Whiz Edibles Peach Gummies are make by fruit and contain 140% of Vitamin C, Watermelon Kush is also good combination. Peach gummies are source of folic acid, fiber and potassium. Fresh juice has a Colling effect on feverish patients. Peach belongs to Frag aria, in rose family, with apples and plums. Peaches are juicy fruits, with sweet flesh and soft skin. Peaches are rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other chemical compounds.


  1. Fresh peaches are source of vitamin C and antioxidants which is made of connective tissue in the human body.
  2. These are helps a human to develop resistance against infections.
  3. Peach helps to eliminate free radicals that cause cancers.


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