The Green Samurai – EXTREME THC CUBE (300mg)


Green Samurai Extreme THC Cube online and cut it up into pieces to use the desired quantity. The usual dosage is during the night. Green Samurai Extreme have produced 4 flavors of Grape, Cherry, Lemon and Strawberry-Lemonade.

  • Each bag contains 1 x 300mg THC Extreme Cube by The Green Samurai.
  • High dose suggest for experience users.


Buy The Green Samurai – EXTREME THC CUBE (300mg) candies that are a perfect blend of THC edibles and weed. And retain the flavor. The Green Samurai Extreme in Canada manufactures THC cubes that contain fruit flavors like strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cherry, grape, and more.

You can buy The Green Samurai – EXTREME THC CUBE (300mg), containing 300mg of THC. And relieve disorders like ADHA, appetite loss, depression, stress, fatigue, and chronic pain. It can also help you to feel euphoric, relaxed, uplifting, and hungry.


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