Vaporizers – Yay or Nay


Where do you stand on vaporizing cannabis? A recent article about pen vaporizers for sale at Vaporizerstation got me thinking about the difference in high between smoking and vaping. So this topic is aimed at everyone who has dabbled with both methods. Drop your thoughts at the bottom of the page.

When I smoke a joint I can easily overdo it. Not that I don’t love a thick, hard to shake off, high that pins me to the sofa. Quite the opposite in fact. It really is what I’d describe as a ‘full body high’ where your legs feel like they’ve got weights attached to them. The thought of a hike would be poisonous to the mind!

But when I vape I get a much different feeling. One where I could still swim, exercise or work effectively. Yet I am still quite high, but in a much more energetic way. I take my pen vaporizer with me everywhere mainly for discretion than the preferred effect.

The reason for the difference is due to vaporizers missing some of the key ingredients that happen at ignition level. Without the burn burning you will not receive some of the key elements of cannabis. Some people actually take the vaped substance out of their pen vaporizer and make edibles or place it in a pipe. I am yet to try this myself but I can see the sense in it.

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