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420Guide is a popular YouTube channel with nearly 23,000 subscribers. The channel has submitted many popular and inventive videos. For example how to roll a scorpion joint, which has reached 475,000 views and counting! There are many other creative rolls for all your smoking needs, however the post popular being a point of view video of how to roll a joint – with 3million plus views! Due to the success of the YouTube channel, 420Guide has now released an online forum.

There are many advantages of an online forum, and it’s even more advantageous when created by a knowledgeable and popular YouTube channel with the needed experience. You may find it useful using the online forum for information and discussions.

One topic which may be covered and of interest on 420Guide is discussions on smoking paraphernalia. For example what the best type of bong to use to cater to your needs would be. Discussions on the forum will also include the best brands of rolling papers to use. The best part of the forum will be interacting with other fellow smokers who can give you their most useful opinion. 420Guide will also be able to source the best Head Shops to use to get the best smoking tools.

The forum will also provide you with cool stoner guides on how to make the best rolls. Anything posted on the YouTube channel and more can be discussed with other smoking fans. For example, how to make cool and creative rolls. 420Guide has already created the unique scorpion joint, and the forum can be used for tips on how to create other exclusive rolls like this one plus many more.

The site can help with discussion on anything to do with marijuana, and will also include discussions for medical card holders with growing tips. This could be for example the limit on plants those with medical marijuana cards can grow. Those with cards looking to grow marijuana can also get access to the best seeds to use for growth and to create the best set-up to get the best possible growth.

420Guide will also use the online forum for discussions on the best bongs to use for the smoker. This could be discussions on the best materials to use for a bong for the preferred outcome. Some example materials could be plastic, bamboo, ceramic or glass. Smokers can discuss through the forum their preferred type of bong and why. This will encourage discussions where smokers can give their views on the best bong.

For anything marijuana related, 420Guide is the place to visit. For interesting facts on rolls, growth and smoking paraphernalia it is the place to visit for discussions with fellow stoners.

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